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DIY Tips to Clean Furniture and Upholstery of your Home

When we shift to a new house, we are always particular about everything. We want all our items to be in their appropriate spaces. But this habit tends to phase out when your new home starts becoming old. Isn’t it? Well, few will accept it and others will deny it. Never forget that your home is the reflection of you. So keep it clean and tidy as a clean home is a happy home. If you feel the sofa of your living space is looking shabby, then it’s time to take out the vacuum cleaner. Isn’t it? Re-modelling your abode is always not possible as it’s a matter of money. Looking for an alternative right? Keep your home neat and tidy and enjoy compliments of visitors.

Here are a few DIY tips to clean the furniture and upholstery of your home sweet home. Read below:

  • Absorb the stain - If you have spilled anything on the couch or on your bed, always remember to absorb the stain immediately. If you act upon it later it will make the stain rigid and it will be difficult to get rid of the stain completely. I’m sure you don’t want that. So, blot the liquid with a dry cloth or tissue. Just dab it from the outside portion to prevent it from spreading. If you have spilt food, then scoop it with a spoon and clean it with a wet cloth, thereafter.

  • Use a vacuum cleaner - A vacuum cleaner works wonders in cleaning the furniture. It absorbs the dry dirt and other debris neatly. If you have a pet in your home, your furnishings will bound to get dirtier with their fur. Get hold of a vacuum cleaner now and if you don’t have it get one as soon as possible.

  • Recognize the kind of stain - Knowing the kind of stain before cleaning it is essential. Steam cleaning works best in the case of dirt, food, coffee, poop or pee of the pets or little ones. If the stains are stubborn other cleaning treatment is needed along with steam cleaning. Don’t forget for oil-based stains, you need chemical-based cleaners.

  • Read the tags before cleaning - It’s your first and foremost duty to read the tags which contain the instructions to follow while cleaning the upholstery. If the tag is missing, check the website of the manufacturer followed by a small test on a hidden portion of the fixture. This will make you confident about the methods of cleaning the upholstery. So, read carefully and start cleaning up the mess.

If you follow these above-mentioned DIY tips you’ll never need external help for cleaning the furniture of your 2 BHK Apartment at Kahilipara, Guwahati. It’s always wise and satisfying to clean your own resident as it will save you from unnecessary drainage of money. And moreover, self-help is the best help. Don’t you agree? So, stop being lazy and clean your house.