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Interesting Vastu Tips for Your Home

“There is nothing more important than a good, safe, secure home.” – Rosalynn Carter

Home is a place where we build innumerable memories with our loved ones. It’s a place where we find solace no matter what. It’s a place where we can look like a diva and can look like a girl-next-door in our pajamas. Nothing can replace the comfort of staying in our own space, i.e., our home sweet home. I’m sure all have a special corner for their home of dreams. After a long vacation with your office colleagues, doesn’t your heart crave for returning to your own abode? Yes, that’s the power of a home. As it’s so important, it’s essential to keep all negativities away to lead a happy life in your home.

Here are a few interesting Vastu tips that will keep the evil eyes at bay from your home sweet home. Read below:

  • A nameplate outside the house is a must - There is a reason behind all our actions. Placing the nameplate outside the house is crucial as it helps draw positivity and also indicates the ownership of the house. According to Vastu experts, placing the nameplate outside the house brings back good opportunities as well.

  • Lamps, Diyas & Wind Chimes work wonder - Have you ever wondered why your granny lit incense sticks every morning and evening? Because it’s an act of shooing away negative energy from the premises of your home. Lighting up lamps and diyas also give a ray of positive energy. And how can you forget about the tinkling sound of wind chimes that act as a catalyst in bringing in the positivity in your resident?

  • Place the kitchen properly - You should always place the kitchen in the south-east corner of the house. If that location is not available, you can take the north-west corner. But always make sure that the gas stove is positioned in the south-east direction. Never compromise with this tip as the kitchen is the most important place in the entire household.

  • Lemons & Salts act as absorbents of negativity - Place a bowl of salt at any corner of the house or keep a glass of water with a lemon in it; whatever pleases you do that as they help to keep all the negative powers away. If you’re keeping a glass of water with a lemon, remember to change the water religiously every Saturday.

  • Keep mirrors away from the Bedroom - According to Vastu, there should be no mirror in your bedroom as it paves a way for bad health and chaos in the family. Even if there’s a dressing table or signature mirror in your bedroom, make sure it’s covered when you sleep. It’s prudent to keep it away from the bed. Abide by this, to ensure peace and happiness in your home.

Apart from the above-mentioned tips, you can perform puja everyday at your home sweet home, or meditate regularly to establish peace, tranquillity and harmony in your dwelling. Follow these tips to shoo the evil eyes from your 2 BHK Apartments near GaneshGuri, Guwahati. After all, positivity is the key to all happiness. So, be positive and happy.