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Latest Interior Design Trends for your Home

We all want to beautify our homes in our own way as our homes are the places where we love, fight and cherish the times spent with our near and dear ones. A home is literally a reflection of you. Your taste, likes, dislikes prominently replicate your personality. If you love earthen beauty, the decoration of your home will reveal it. So, choose appropriately ultimately after a hard day’s work you’ll be returning to your own space. Sarah Norwood, a homeowner rightly says, “If you buy stuff you love, regardless of ear or price, your home will be a true reflection of you.” I can’t agree more with Sarah. I’m sure you all have the same opinion as well.

Nowadays, designing with an edge has taken a toll on most of us. Minimum decoration with maximum optimisation of space is the latest interior design trend. Read below to know more:

  • Dual-tone kitchen cabinets - It is one of the most preferred decorating schemes for modern kitchens. Keep the upper cabinet in nude and clean shades and compliment it with loud and dark cabinets in the lower case. This will strike a balance as well as it will be something out-of-the-box for your home sweet home. If you want to try something different, try this without fail.

  • Signature format tiles - Large-format tiles, for instance, 14 by 48 inches have been setting a new trend for living rooms and kitchens since a long time now. The over-sized, striking tile acts as a monotony breaker. All bold and different things catch one’s attention. To believe it, you need to try it out.

  • Modular Kitchen Drawers - Creating space in the kitchen is the top-most priority while renovating your kitchen or while building a kitchen in your new house. The deep drawers in the kitchen have started replacing the modern day kitchen. It is spacious and saves a lot of space in your kitchen. You can insert dividers and holders and organize the utensils accordingly.

  • Statement Mirrors - Mirrors can set the mood and tone of any room. A simple mirror placed at a corner of a living room will grab anyone’s attention. Apart from living rooms, signature mirrors fixed on the walls of a bathroom are also appealing. After all, it’s your home, your space; style it your own way.

There are more than one interesting interior designing trends. Choose the ones that attract you and your taste. After you’re done with the selection, start executing the remodelling of your 3 BHK Apartments near Gauhati High Court. Kathryn M. Ireland rightly said, “Serious is a word that must be entirely avoided when it comes to decoration.” There are many serious things in life to worry about. Let’s not make our home serious with heavy decoration. Add poppy colours, mirrors, stylish wall papers to the rooms of your house and enjoy your time in your own resident.