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Maintain a Document Checklist When Buying a Residential Apartment

Investing in an asset is an important financial decision that an individual takes at some point in time. In most common cases, the first investment is always done on the home which is considered to be one of the most important assets for any person. However, care needs to be taken that this asset which is your priced possession is worth the money and the time you give to the entire decision-making process.

Moving to a new place or investing in a property and calling it your home has several layers of process related work which needs to be done one after the other. In the middle of all this which includes checking your new apartment, seeking for the second opinion and getting in touch with your advisers, remember to check the paperwork and manage them well. Paperwork is one of the most tedious processes and most people maintain a checklist to make the home registration process easy. Documentation is important and that is why you need to make sure that the paperwork is in the right place. The checklist is just the catalyst that makes the process smooth and simple.

  • Construction Clearance - “Certificate of Commencement” is necessary before you begin the property construction process. This certificate is issued by the department of town planning and engineering. But they issue the certificate only after a comprehensive inspection of the basic foundation along with the building boundaries. They mainly inspect whether the construction protocol has been followed or not. This implies that the team of builders needs to get the sanctions, license and permission from before.

  • Land Use Certificate - An important point to remember is no residential project can come up on the industrial or commercial zones. So much so that this is considered to be illegal and the necessary legal action can be taken in case of any such violation. So, make sure to check up with the urban development authority to validate certificates. This will help you to stay aware that your new home is away from all legal complications.

  • Land Record - Title deed is touted to be the primary document that gives all necessary details relating to ownership, mortgages, rights and obligations associated with the property. This is the document that will validate your stand during the transfer of development rights and, of course, land registration. Remember to take a copy from your builder and verify it with the land record office.

  • The above-mentioned pointers need to be incorporated in the checklist so that you have all the important documents in the right place. Not just that, but it is important to follow all the paperwork processes and not miss out on any of the procedures. That would eventually lead to complication a couple of years later. Hopefully, this checklist will give you the right assistance when taking an important step towards investment and your new home.